My goal as an artist is to enable my viewers to daydream, to take them to another time or place where they can explore, wander, and experience a dream-like state. I will have achieved my goal if my photos inspire and compel individuals to do just that. I love to create images that exhibit dream-like qualities. To accomplish this end, I visualize a picture in my mind at the capture stage and then utilize the digital darkroom to complete my vision, creating compelling photos to impact the viewer. I use long exposure and multiple exposure techniques with digital blending processes to create the dreamy aspects of the images. Bringing vivid colors to life as well as textures and contrast is part of my vision and my process in both color and black and white photos. I view photography as an art, one that marries vision and the powerful tools available in the digital darkroom in order to express what I experience as an artist. This entire creative process is enriching to me as a photographer and sharing a vision that culminates with the viewers’ experience is my desire and the ultimate goal.

- Peter